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Basic Cycle in Agroecological Agroforestry Systems

The Basic Cycle in Agroecological Agroforestry Systems brings together the three courses already available by Agroflorestando, added to exclusive content about the experiences in agroforestry in Brazil and around the World.

In the Principles course, we will discuss how nature does agriculture, how nature organizes itself to create more complexity, more life, in quantity and quality. In the Planning course, we will discuss how we can apply these principles to our fields, how to plan our production, and improve the conditions of our agricultural system. In the course Implantation and Soil Preparation, we will present many technical details, which in the end add up and bring improvements, health, and productivity to the system.

Also, the agroforestry educator Namastê Messerschmidt brings an overview of the experiences he lived at Cooperafloresta - Association of Agroforestry Farmers in Barra do Turvo (São Paulo, Brazil) and Adrianópolis (Paraná, Brazil) - which today consists of 75 families, involving 300 people in the municipalities of Barra do Turvo, Adrianópolis and Bocaiúva do Sul (Paraná, Brazil). Agroforestry work by family farmers in the region has been practiced for at least 25 years.

The content of this course is based on a methodology already applied by Namastê in his in-person courses and on his experience, by practicing, of at least 20 years, agroecological agroforestry systems.

There are 112 classes divided into 11 modules and extra material! 12 hours of specific technical content aimed at those who wish to practice Agroforestry and want to learn in practice.